Monday, July 18, 2011

Peter Evans Floats

Peter Evans, known for (in addition to his own output) his work with Evan Parker and the irreverent though often snappy Mostly Other People Do The Killing, launches his new More Is More label with Ghosts.  Evans' group is comprised of a standard four-piece including bass, drums, piano, horn, with the addition of live processing offered by Sam Pluta.  While Mostly Other People by design take the collision of eras and tempos nearly to the comical, on this record Evans utilizes many of those techniques but instead strives for a more austere effect.  Whereas certain sections might seem to sound like nearly traditional post-bop if it weren't for something dragging or creaking in the background or off to the left, other sections feel as if you've stepped into a cosmic wormhole, the past, the present, the future, in addition to something parallel to but not of our continuum, all bleeding into the passage.  And then you're back to the relatively safety of the former, checking the clock on the wall to see how long you were away.  Did that just happen?  Is the band gas-lighting you? You could rewind and find out, I suppose.  But that would be cheating.

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