Friday, July 22, 2011

Good Chow #1

Khan's Barbeque is currently my go-to place on Devon (though, admittedly, the options are vast and I'm still exploring). The fare is described all over the web as Indian/Pakistani, but it is my understanding that it's in fact just Pakistani. Some of the highlights on the menu are Tandoori Chicken, Seekh Kabab, Chappli Kabab and Chicken Boti. However, the vegetable sides are great, and can very easily constitute an entire meal on their own (I know because I've gone this route a few times myself). But I won't pull any punches: the room itself is utterly devoid of charm—which I guess you could say, if you're feeling particularly charitable that day, paradoxically is its charm; it's more like a cafeteria in a hospital that from the look of the rooms and wards you're considering requesting a transfer for your loved one before the impending operation. As for the service... well, while I've heard a lot of folks praising the food, many of them come down hard on the service. I myself tend to eat there more than get takeout, and my first few times dining in I have to admit I observed a wariness in the staff. They were polite yet by Americans' jabbering standards quiet, verging on laconic. That said, after a while a staff member ventured over to my table to ask what I thought, and I answered honestly and, I like to think, without affection (I'm all about bridging cultural gaps and whatnot, just not when I'm eating) that I thought the food was fantastic. After which he thanked me and let me get back to my rather undignified scarfing.
All said, for the more adventurous diner, one for whom the fare is the bottom line, Khan's Barbeque is a necessary stop. Though, unlike some less than sagacious reviewers whose lugubrious posts I've read online, do keep in mind that the proprietor is Muslim before you march in with a box of white zin or a bottle of Jack and demand cups. You might not get the reception you'd hoped for.

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