Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Paper Mice

These guys are cobbling together quite a following in Chicago and on the East Coast, but they're not getting much love from the local press.  (I keep telling them they've only themselves to blame for this, not dating anyone at the Reader and all.  Ah, Chicago... Oh, you beloved hand-in-pocket, ALWAYS with the heavy petting, city o'mine.)  Their music is fast, bare-bones, and tightly woven, topped with abstract topical lyrics that are (thankfully) short of being cute.  Think the Minutemen (mostly because of the driving baselines) with more tricks in their bag; think Phil Och's notebooks spliced with copies of the New York Times and any newsstand gossip rag and then bracketed into a Mad Libs book devoid of all self-references.  Or whatever.  In fact, never mind, don't.  Just listen to this.  Also, let it be known that their first full-length is good, but they've yet to capture their full energy and dynamics on record.  So if you like the MP3s, see a show.

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